This game came with a lot more freedom than the last ones. The concept was such that the art would be a big part of the succes, since it would be about making funny combinations of head, body and legs. So I started with just a few weird combinations and mixing them up to get the feel for it. Almost none of these ideas got into the game, but it was good to see what could work and what not. For one thing I found out: legs are difficult to make interesting.2013-02-13 Nieuwspel_schetsen_gehusseld So I got and took free reign in experimenting even more. I made a lot of thumbnails and asked feedback of as many children of around 4-5 years that I could find. I found out that they like things like princesses and soccer players and pirates and such. (One boy adamantly didn’t like my bunny slippers in 21, *snif*, but you have to be able to take negative critique as well I guess)

2013-02-26 krt sch comp

So at the end of the orientation I made some first versions of figures that were thought to be interesting. I already noticed that with three cards that are the same size, the body will seem to be too long and/or the legs too short. So we changed that later.2013-02-26-sneeuwpop enco

In the mean time the game was taking more shape and it was decided that it would be about children getting dressed as different characters. So no adults or real animals allowed… Awww… But there’s still a lot to chose from luckily!

For one thing, the style of these two children, a boy and a girl naturally. Here is one of the sheets I sketched around this time. Style A and F were favourite, but because of the intended shape of the cards (more wide then high) it was decided to go for A.

2013-04-14 emoties


At this point we had already seen that pure rectangular shapes would limit the movement of the arms, so I was trying out how much space we would need and how that would affect the sturdiness of ther cards (you don’t want them to become too fragile since the audience would be around 4 years old…). So we went with the four head figure.
2013-04-15 lichaamsverhoudingen

Trying out different legs. Almost none of these made it exactly, but I especially miss the high heels in the last one. I think that would have been great!

2013-04-09 benen


We needed twelve children for the end version, so I made sixteen different version. I already knew four wouldn’t make it, but it’s still hard to chose, right? Here are two costumes who didn’t get chosen for the final version. jongens-tovenaar-indiaanYou can see what really became of this game at Sunny Games!