Recently I had the chance to draw a colouring picture for De Giraf, an all-day childcare centre. It was fun to draw Giraffes in my cartoony version that I also used for an assignment for De Natuurschool, an organisation that does nature education.

I started with some quick sketches of giraffes, drawn naturally. I especially liked the one with the tongue sticking out. (see picture to the rigth)

Later I made them simpler, since the audience is not adult illustrators but 4 year olds who have just learned to hold a crayon and will use those to wildly add colour to the picture.

The question was to draw an adult and one or two child giraffes together. Pretty quickly I realised that the height difference would pose a problem. I also was asked to add something festive, like balloons… I connected to two and came up with the following picture. (very small version of course)

The all-day children care centre has also added their logo and such and will use it at their anniversary celibration. They would try and send me a coloured in version by one of the children.