All walks of life

In the game penguins and seals are trying to grow up from little cubs/chicks to big fat adults and the players job is to make sure they catch enough fish, don’t get caught by hunters or drown because of melting ice. I really loved drawing all the different stages of the animals ages.

The penguins are Adelie penguins who are among the smallest penguins on Antarctica. I chose them because I just fel in love with their liveliness and cuteness. When researching what the chicks look like I found a hilarious *bad hair day* photo.

The seals are based on Weddell seals, a common species on Antarctica. I had fun drawing the adult one. I had to make him fat, to make clear that he had eaten all and was now fully grown. But the seals look pretty fat of themselves already (protection against the cold) so I had to really overdo it.

Animals are so much fun to draw.